What is heymish cooking?

I talked about the word heymish in my heymish education blog but I think I should mention it here too. Heymish is a Yiddish word that means home-made, homey, down-to-earth, unpretentious, warm and cozy, intimate and informal. Heymish can describe a person, a food, a place, or things and ideas; I guess that makes is an adjective. In this case I am using it to describe the type of food you’ll see on this blog.

Once upon a time I cooked more gourmet, complex, expensive, and elegant meals. These days, however, I stick to heymish foods. The kind that is easy to make and easy to eat; kid friendly, husband approved, and economical.

We also cook kosher style food. What is this, you ask? It means I don’t use pork or pork products (or other non-kosher animals like shellfish, certain types of fish, etc), I don’t mix meat and dairy, I don’t mix fish with meat, and I don’t use certain cuts of meat. We call it kosher “style” because we don’t use kosher meat. We used to keep kosher the traditional way but this meant both traveling 2 hours (one way) to get kosher meat and paying 5 times as much as for non-kosher. This was taxing on our wallets so we had to make a tough choice. Since I didn’t grow up in a kosher home I decided to split the difference. It isn’t the decision everyone would make but it is the one we’ve made and for now it will have to do; I believe Hashem understands.

If you don’t keep a kosher kitchen or if you keep a strict kosher kitchen don’t worry; you can still cook all the recipes on this blog. I hope you do and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

La'Sovah! (“To satisfaction;” similarly used as bon app√©tit)